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Leadership Lessons from a Vacuum Cleaner !! ?? !!

Dr. Olexa's newest book is available at www.barnesandnoble.com and

 In this book, she presents everyday guidance and solutions to seemingly insurmountable issues in your business and in your personal life.  She offers gems of leadership wisdom, all from her observations and keen insights gleaned from watching her Roomba® robotic vacuum cleaner.   “When you hit a wall, change direction, but never give up.”  “Do the right thing, especially when nobody is watching.” And, “Commit to your vision, even if you don’t know all that it entails.”  These and other entertaining and instructive solutions will help you take a deep look at yourself, how you view yourself, how others really see you, and how you can become a better, more productive, honest, ethical and most important, happy person.  Join Stephanie Olexa in her Leadership Lessons and you too will learn to Roomba®.

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